Neglected blogs and other musings

Evening sky along Mount Evans Road

Well, I am guilty of having neglected this blog for more than a year. Time has flown by more quickly than I would like to admit and we are coming up on three years in the little house near the interstate while @TamronTechJeff and I decide which direction to go next.

Our year has not been without adventure. We have traveled a lot of Colorado backroads, spent more time than ever in Rocky Mountain National Park, done a lot of babysitting (grandchildren are called “grand” for a reason) and ventured into new creative areas while trying to improve the talents in others. Along the way, we have been able to capture some beautiful images of the people and places we love so much and have gotten to actually spend time together – unusual for us since we both spend so much time on the road (usually on opposite schedules)_DSC6993

So what else have I learned? Well, I have created very simple blown glass globes in a class I took recently with a friend. I have put my formerly neglected Silhouette Cameo to lots of use creating all kinds of giftware, clothing and personalized items and I got a heat press so I could expand my abilities even further. Of course, all these tools and projects keep overflowing as I seem to have more things started than finished. But as the holiday selling season approaches and I get ready for November and December craft shows, I am sure the to-do and in-progress piles will diminish while the done and ready to find a new home pile grows. I hope to venture more into selling items on FaceBook, Instagram and my own website in addition to doing local shows. But with my other obligations, those ideas move a little more slowly than others.

Fall means soccer season (ok for me, soccer in some form is year-round) but the Fall season is in full swing and the tournaments I assign are rapidly approaching. Of course, Colorado still needs over 1000 more referees than we have to meet the growing demands of the sport but we are starting to make inroads on that.  But more about soccer for another day (even though I am writing this on a break from preparing for the class I am teaching tomorrow). I am excited about the changes I am fortunate enough to be a part of and can’t wait to see what we will be able to accomplish as a team in the future for Colorado referees and the Colorado soccer community.

So for now, I will leave you with one of my favorite images from our backroads travels this year and a promise to write a little more often…..

Early morning with the pelicans on Windsor Lake
Early morning with the pelicans on Windsor Lake

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