Battling Can’t

Can’t – the contraction for the compound word cannot. Seems innocuous enough but it can be one of the most powerful four letter words in your vocabulary.
I can’t
You can’t
We can’t
He can’t
She can’t
There is great power in those words – powerful good, bad, weakness and strength. It all depends upon how you let the emotions attached to the words affect you. Think about how easily that word changes the course of your daily life.
You can’t do that. You might get hurt.
I can’t do that. I might fail. People would laugh.
Letting can’t rule your daily decisions means that you close yourself down to multiple opportunities – for success, for love, for joy. Of course, sometimes removing the can’t will also bring failure, heartache, sadness. But if we don’t have those emotions every once in a while, how will we ever know when we have found the joy, the passion, the love and the success?
I have let a lot of big things pass me by because I said “I can’t.”
It’s time to say why not?

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