Coffee Cake and other post-Christmas musings

Christmas morning for as long as I can remember has been a brunch of family favorites – most notably – Pecan Coffee Cake. The original recipe came from my mom’s cousin, Pat Noland, many, many years ago. Pat – if we never properly thanked you, plea… Continue reading Coffee Cake and other post-Christmas musings

Forward progress

So I can’t get into the new studio/workshop space yet, it’s all full of boxes and tables and assorted other things that need to be put away in an organized manner – instead of how the movers just loaded them into the shed. But I see real progress … Continue reading Forward progress

New adventures

It’s a new opportunity in both an old and new arena for me. In addition to my explorations in glass, I am really excited about this great new project assisting the very talented Sage Bray, Editor and Publisher of The Polymer Arts magazine. Sage wa… Continue reading New adventures