Tactile sensations

Most of my magazines arrive digitally these days but I still can’t resist the lure of a good magazine rack or bookstore and always end up finding something new, different or forgotten on those shelves. Many times buying a print copy of something will lead me to a digital subscription. I love my iPad with easy access to all the books, newspapers and magazines I read. But there is something magical about holding a newspaper, magazine or book in your hands. From the smell of the ink to the feel of the paper, it is a romance. I guess you could say I am an easy mark for magazine, newspaper and book publishers (and I may need more storage space very soon). And when that book, magazine or newspaper has something you helped create in it, the feelings are even more profound.

The Polymer Arts spring 2014 issue is now available. Click on the cover to visit their site.
The Polymer Arts Summer 2014 issue is now available. Click on the cover to visit their site.

While my digital contributor’s copy of The Polymer Arts magazine arrived a week or so ago, the print copy arrived in my mailbox yesterday. I tore the plastic wrap off while I was still parked in front of the UPS Store just so I could look at it.

It’s a beautiful magazine and I really enjoy working with the publisher, Sage Bray. I am honored to have written several pieces for the magazine over the past year or two and I never lose my excitement for seeing the final version in print. Writing for the magazine has helped me better understand tools I work with on a regular basis and introduced me to concepts and ideas that I am able to translate into the media I work with. The magazine showcases some incredible artists and their work is inspiring no matter what medium you work in. Sage has designed the magazine in a way that is inviting to aspiring artists and thought-provoking for professionals.

So, even if you don’t work in polymer clay, take a look at the magazine. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. Oh, and if you get to the article about light and photography, you might notice a familiar name. (It’s on page 32 by the way). Maybe you will discover – as I did – that there are universal concepts in creating that can be applied to almost every medium.

Do me a favor and support the magazine. In fact, support all of the independent arts magazines. They work hard to support all kinds of artists. And if we don’t support each other, how can we support ourselves.

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