Sacrificing to the Kiln Gods

Looks can be deceiving.

I have fallen under the spell of melting glass. Fused, lamp worked, blown, it doesn’t matter. Playing with fire and glass is the most incredible thing and I love being able to create with it.

My first blown glass paperweight. A little wonky but I love the color and the bubbles encased in the glass.

Late last week I indulged in a little blown glass sampler class courtesy of Daggett Glass Studio in Loveland, Colorado.  In a short half hour guided lesson, I created a really simple but strikingly beautiful blown glass paperweight. And while I can’t take a more extensive class from Dan yet, it did inspire me to get into the workshop and see what I could create with the things I have on hand. So there’s this set of stainless steel finger bowls that has been sitting on the shelf for a while and a box of non-compatible glass that I inherited when I purchased a lot of items from an artist who wasn’t working with glass anymore. The hamster wheel of my brain began spinning, out came the MR-97 and before you knew it, there were four little pieces on the kiln shelf ready to drape over those finger bowls.

Out of the kiln and ready for what comes next
Out of the kiln and ready for what comes next

Well, the first results were acceptable and they will be cute little candle holders. There was enough here to make me want to play some more. So I cut and cleaned some more glass, put 2 of the finger bowls on kiln shelf posts covered each with thinfire paper, adjusted the firing schedule and once again the kiln was firing. As so many others have expressed, opening the kiln is like Christmas morning. It’s either going to be the best gift ever OR here comes the socks and underwear again. Well, I loved what I saw when I opened the kiln, the two pieces on the kiln posts draped nicely, the other two had a good shape as well. And then I realized the error of my ways — the pieces came right off the kiln posts but the finger bowls are stuck inside the glass. As it draped, it curled around the bowls encasing them in glass.  Lesson learned.

Oops - forgot to think about kiln posts being smaller than finger bowls
Oops – forgot to think about kiln posts being smaller than finger bowls

At first, I thought I could wiggle those bowls out of the glass but that’s not going to happen. So now Plan B has emerged! I am going to make soy candles with them – or more precisely, I am going to call the candle artist I met at a show recently and have her turn them into soy candles. I will let you know how they turn out. (and I will apologize in advance for the point n shoot & cell phone photos)

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