Finding closure

May 19, 2011 seems like eons ago and only moments ago. Time passes very quickly and yet it also seems to stand still.

Three years ago, my mother’s courageous and gracious battle with Pancreatic Cancer came to its end. And just now I feel like I am starting to come out of the fog and find my bearings again. That probably surprises a lot of people because I am always the one taking care of things, making things happen. While so many things have happened in these three short years, there is so much more still to be done along the journey.

Today, she is the great-grandmother to four beautiful children – three girls and a handsome boy. Unfortunately, only two of them got to meet her and they were so young, it will be up to us to share her and my dad’s lessons with them.

The week leading up to that anniversary was a jumbled, joyous roller coaster full of activities since our Boston contingent came to visit. Car seats, sippee cups and finger-friendly foods moved up the priority list while everything else just got set aside. We visited parks, swimming pools, the zoo and went trampoline jumping. There were car rides full of kids music (Thank you SiriusXM) and lots of chatter.

While the Boston family headed back east on Sunday, those here helped me with a task I had been dreading and yet needed to do. It was time to move the last of the belongings out of Broomfield. So I closed out the postal box we had for over 15 years, rented a U-Haul and thanks to Kris, Sarah, Mandy, Dave and our strong young friends – Gavin and Ben, loaded that truck in just about three hours to move what we wanted to keep to Fort Collins for further sorting and separating. I also need to say thanks to Jason and Rose at Storage Perfect in Broomfield. They were very helpful as we sorted and made sure that all the items left behind were picked up by Habitat for Humanity. Knowing that the donated items were going to a good cause made this part of the journey a little easier.

While my original intention had been to sort and separate even more items, there was just too much. So we ended up having to rent a storage unit in Fort Collins. The boys did a great job getting the truck emptied and then we visited a local refreshment establishment to recover from the work and for me to thank them for helping do something I couldn’t do on my own.

And now, the items are close by and it’s time to finish sorting so we can finally get into one storage unit. Guess it will be time for a yard sale before too long.

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