Sunday Adventure

©2014 Deanna Duncan-Allen

Sundays need to be a day to re-charge the batteries, especially if there are no soccer game coverage on my issues looming over my head.  So in hopes of taking a mental break from referee assigning, article writing and finding some inspiration to get back in the studio, it was to be one of those days. There were a lot of things I probably should have done but those were set aside to do something different.

The day started wonderfully. Jeff and I had breakfast with some of our oldest and dearest friends, Dave and Joie, at one of our favorite breakfast spots – Vern’s in Laporte, Colorado. Now usually Vern’s is reserved as the breakfast meeting spot before heading up Poudre Canyon to go rafting but it’s not quite rafting season and biscuits n’ gravy from Vern’s sounded pretty darn good.

Breakfast was great. The food was great. The coffee was good. The conversation was lively. It was everything you could want in a Sunday morning breakfast with friends. But before long, Dave and Joie had to get on with the rest of their plans for the day and so did we.

Normally my Sundays are spent dealing with issues from games the day before. But this particular Soccer Saturday went pretty well so I decided to tag along as Jeff  headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park to test out his newest Tamron lens – the 150-600mm. So with more camera gear than two people should have, a cooler with snacks and a back seat full of cold weather gear – just in case – we headed up the Big Thompson Canyon and into RMNP in search of “big mammals” AKA deer and elk.

Jeff elk 1
Jeff trying to get one of his friends to pose for another photo. © 2014 Deanna Duncan-Allen

Actually, Jeff was in search of elk and deer to use in his presentations. I am more of a landscape photographer when we get into the parks, branching out a bit from my sports and news background. My intention was to grab some images that I could bring back into the studio and try to re-create or re-imagine in glass and metal clay.

Conditions in the park were pretty good – except for the wind. But this year no matter what we are doing there always seems to be wind. So you just trudge forward anyway. Make the best of it and hope you have a hat. Unfortunately, today I didn’t have a hat. We cope.

It seems whenever we head out on one of these trips, something happens. Usually something that is a challenge, problem or just something that makes it a memorable trip. This time was no different but that story is for another post. This one is about the great images that came out of the day. I haven’t reviewed them all yet but I am looking forward to them. And I hope it’s the first of many photo trips into the parks this season.

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