Clearing the vision

The eyes have it. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes not so good. Mine have been on the no-so-good side of things for a couple months now. Blepheritis, chalazia, granulomas, ugliness -whatever you want to call it – I call it painful, annoying and irritating. So needless to say, I can relate on some levels to the current Bob Costas eye infection drama that has been dominating the celebrity news this week.

While Mr. Costas (one of my favorite broadcasters, a subject for another blog sometime BTW) tried to work his way through the infection until he couldn’t stand the bright studio lights any further, my solution has been to try and have my problem “surgically” corrected.

So in the last 7 days, my ophthalmologist has done in-office procedures on all four of my eyelids. It’s been our Tuesday thing. I go to the office, they stick needles in my eye lids to administer numbing solution, clamp the lids open and dig away. If they have gotten the lid numb enough, you don’t feel any pain just the bizarre sensation of pulling, tugging, and cauterizing. Of course, the doctor asks you to relax. Did anyone ever tell him its hard to relax when someone is cutting open your eyelid?

Thirty minutes later, I come out looking like I took the wrong end of a baseball bat in the eye and head to the nearest ice pack and ibuprofen. So now, after having the left eye done yesterday (it had the privilege of a similar procedure last November) I am trying to work on the computer through blurry, teary eyes and thinking about vision.
Vision difficulties strike us each in many different ways. Sometimes they are physical, like my eye issues. Other times they are mental – what do I see myself doing and how do I get there. While the infection and chalazia have been interfering with my vision, making it hard to cut glass, wire wrap or work for too long on the computer, that’s not what really has been holding my creativity and drive back. It’s time to get back the spark, drive and passion. Just have to take that first step. I will let you know how it goes.

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