Random Thoughts –

For those of you who haven’t followed me for very long, you need to know that I am a news, sports and weather junkie. I listen, watch, read just about everything I can and today was no exception – one TV on the weather channel, one on CNN, and one on 9News – the local NBC station in Denver. Add in various websites and I had a pretty good day long account of today’s weather event.

I was born and grew up in Tornado Alley – Tulsa, Oklahoma – before moving to Colorado as a young teenager. I have seen my share of tornadoes – in Oklahoma and Colorado and spent quality time taking shelter waiting for the worst to pass. Fortunately, my family has weathered these storms pretty well – for that I am always grateful.

Watching all that coverage got me thinking again – which can be a dangerous thing sometimes. Maybe growing up around severe weather fueled my news addiction or its just I have always wanted to tell other people’s stories. I love listening to people about their lives, work and passions. Sometimes the smallest details turn out to be the most fascinating and I want to share what I learn with everyone.

While my life journey veered from the path of news and sports reporter, my desire to find and share those fascinating slices of life hasn’t. So now I am exploring new venues to continue to tell the stories of the people I have met. While I will continue to blog about my artistic quests here sometimes I will take a left turn and share a story or two.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so, please donate whatever you can to help those suffering tonight in Oklahoma. My personal charity of choice is The Red Cross, a truly amazing organization, but there are lots of very good organizations mobilizing to help in Oklahoma. The healing, recovery and rebuilding process hasn’t even begun yet and will take time.


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